Lean Six Sigma Management System
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Lean Six Sigma Management System

Lean Six Sigma Management System

Henry Ford implemented the lean concept in the early 1900s, Toyota started TPS in the 1970’s, Motorola first initiated the Six Sigma journey, followed by GE and many others just years later.
Still today, Lean Six Sigma remains the strongest continuous improvement methodology in order to achieve stable and lean processes and the number of defects in a single digit figure per million products produced or services provided.
Over the last two decades, we have studied why companies succeeded, while others failed in the journey of Lean Six Sigma.
This book is THE STRONG GUIDE AND COMPILATION, of what needs to be done to successfully implement and benefit from a strong Lean Six Sigma – Management System.

The book is written for:
* Leaders – top management, the board of directors and owners.
* Any Industry – from manufacturing to all types of services.
* Any company size – from a 1-person business up to mid or large-scale companies.

As a successful and busy leader, you want to be aware of the strong benefits that can be achieved by implementing Lean Six Sigma Management in your company.
This is a must-read book, if you want to have satisfied customers, lowest cost, top quality, best-in-class service and want to successfully carry out Industry 4.0 / IIoT.

Jorge Díaz

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